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The Jamiroquai Bass Book 56

Hal Leonard PublicationsPentatonic Scales for Bass: Fingering, Exercises and Proper Usage of the Essential Five-Note ScalesThe pentatonic is one of the most widely used scales in music. This book teaches fingerings for these essential five-note scales all over the neck, and how to use them to create solid, functional bass lines. The audio contains 56 tracks and features full-band demonstration examples. Covers: major and minor pentatonic scales; one- and two-octave scale patterns; pentatonic modes and their applications; soloing with pentatonic scales; and much more! Audio is accessed online for download or streaming using the unique code inside each bookAudio SampleAudio Sample

The Jamiroquai Bass Book 56

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When it comes to music performance, the Intimus 422sdo a couple of things very well. Their high treble range is very smooth andhas no problems with sibilance, while their midrange is warm and has aboveaverage levels of mid bass for these types of systems. Compared to theInfiniti TSS 750 series I recently reviewed, I would say that these speakersare notas crisp, airy, or detailed but a little warmer in the midrange and havea little bit more mid-bass.

Nextat the movies was Hellboy, a comic book story that came to the bigscreen. This movie is filled with some huge action scenes and is tastymaterial for surround sound systems. All of the bone crunching sounds werepresent, and the panning effects sounded great moving across all fivespeakers. The S-10 had deep bass extension even down to 25 Hz, and the 422-Ccenter channel played voices in a rich and natural tone that was verypleasing to my ears.

It's rare that a genre can be traced back to a single artist or group, but for funk, that was James Brown. The Godfather of Soul coined the phrase and style of playing known as "on the one," where the first downbeat is emphasized, instead of the typical second and fourth beats in pop, soul and other styles. As David Cheal eloquently explains, playing on the one "left space for phrases and riffs, often syncopated around the beat, creating an intricate, interlocking grid which could go on and on." You know a funky bassline when you hear it; its fat chords beg your body to get up and groove.

Legendary funk bassist Bootsy Collins learned the power of the one from playing in Brown's band, and brought it to George Clinton, who created P-funk, an expansive, Afrofuturistic, psychedelic exploration of funk with his various bands and projects, including Parliament-Funkadelic. Both Collins and Clinton remain active and funkin', and have offered their timeless grooves to collabs with younger artists, including Kali Uchis, Silk Sonic, and Omar Apollo; and Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus, and Thundercat, respectively. 076b4e4f54


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