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Alex Isley The Beauty Of Everything Pt. 1 EP

Alex Isley The Beauty Of Everything Pt. 1 EP Review

Alex Isley is a singer-songwriter and producer who comes from a musical family. Her father is Ernie Isley, one of the members of the legendary group The Isley Brothers. Alex Isley has been making waves in the indie R&B scene with her soulful and smooth vocals, as well as her creative and versatile production skills. She has released several projects independently, such as Love / Art Memoirs, L U X U R Y, Wilton, and Marigold. In 2018, she dropped her fifth EP, The Beauty of Everything Pt. 1, which showcases her growth and maturity as an artist.

The Beauty of Everything Pt. 1 is a five-track EP that explores the themes of love, self-discovery, and empowerment. The EP opens with Always 84, a nostalgic and upbeat song that pays homage to the 80s R&B sound that influenced Alex Isley's musical upbringing. She sings about finding joy and comfort in the simple things in life, such as music, memories, and love. The song features a catchy chorus, a funky bassline, and a synth solo that adds to the retro vibe.


The next song is Smoke & Mirrors, a sultry and seductive track that showcases Alex Isley's vocal range and control. She sings about being drawn to someone who is not good for her, but she can't resist their charm and allure. She compares their relationship to a game of smoke and mirrors, where nothing is what it seems. The song features a smooth and mellow production, with subtle guitar riffs, piano chords, and atmospheric sounds.

On II U is a song that expresses Alex Isley's confidence and assertiveness in pursuing someone who caught her eye. She sings about making the first move and letting them know how she feels. She also hints at some sexual tension and chemistry between them, as she invites them to get closer to her. The song features a groovy and rhythmic production, with a prominent drum beat, a bass guitar, and some vocal effects.

Lifeboat is a song that deals with the struggles and challenges of life, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. Alex Isley sings about feeling lost and overwhelmed by the uncertainties and difficulties that she faces. She also sings about finding solace and strength in her faith and in her loved ones, who are like lifeboats that keep her afloat. The song features a minimalist and soothing production, with acoustic guitar strums, soft piano keys, and gentle strings.

The EP closes with When It Rains, a song that celebrates the beauty of love and intimacy. Alex Isley sings about being in love with someone who makes her feel good and happy. She also sings about enjoying the simple moments with them, such as cuddling on a rainy day. The song features a warm and cozy production, with electric piano chords, guitar plucks, and rain sounds.

The Beauty of Everything Pt. 1 is an EP that showcases Alex Isley's talent and versatility as an artist. She delivers captivating vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and diverse productions that blend different genres and influences. The EP is a testament to her artistic vision and expression, as well as her passion and dedication to her craft. The Beauty of Everything Pt. 1 is available on [Apple Music], [Spotify], [Discogs], and other streaming platforms.


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