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Frozen Past [v0.31] [APK]

Frozen Past is set in the near future (so no spaceships and no stargate)in which our hero wakes up with no memory of his past.His relatives seem reluctant to reveal it to him and our amnesiac,will have to go through many obstacles to recover his lost life.But is it worth it?

Frozen Past [v0.31] [APK]

When we got dressed and went to work, it was so calming, the thoughts of huge clown tiddies lingered on my mind, I wasn't prepared for the later parts of the game, I had no idea what was going to happen, I was completely unsuspecting of anything, at all. The froyo mini-game was fun, short albeit, the first time I was unsatisfied with the fact, I did not make the perfect frozen yogurt for Jack, so I scrounged around the comments, and thank god, someone found the right combo, I was practically fist bumping the air, (and I was also thankful for the extremely wrong answer, for later run-throughs, thank you Bok) I was so excited for the prize of the century, but it was just the froyo itself, a moment of minor disappointment washed over me.... only to be surprised by a kiss!? hallelujah! it tasted better than the froyo, for sure. 041b061a72


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