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Michael Jackson MP3 Download BEST

For the first time ever, the entire catalog of recordings from the King of Pop are available for MP3 download directly from his website! Starting today, you can stream samples and purchase albums or singles in 320kb/s (i.e. CD-quality) format.

Michael Jackson MP3 Download

The third of the jackson 5's unprecedented run of three straight chart-topping hit singles went to Number One in June 1970, following "I Want You Back" and "ABC." Unlike other J5 songs that could easily be sung by an adult, "The Love You Save" was specifically "written for our young voices, with parts for Jermaine as well as me," as Michael later explained. He recalled that he saw the tag-team vocal lines and opening "doo-doo-doos/bum-bum-bum" scat percussives, as the Corporation's "bow to the Sly [and the Family Stone] sound, which rotated singers around the stage." Like Sly's uptempo hits, it was also written to be dance music, for kids in the basement and the well-choreographed band onstage, too. And the recurring "Stop!" is a neat echo of "Stop! In the Name of Love," the earlier hit by their labelmates/big sisters the Supremes. It is arguably the highlight of a second LP that, with covers of Funkadelic's "I Bet You" and the Delfonics' "La La Means I Love You," saw the group growing past novelty into something way more potent. 041b061a72

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