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Latex Math Homework Format EXCLUSIVE

Learning mathematics at Harvey Mudd College involves learning how to communicate your ideas effectively. As a student, much of this communication will be in the form of homework. Therefore, so that we may provide you with meaningful and worthwhile feedback, it is important that you put your homework in an easy to read, easy to navigate format. After all, how you present your work should enhance the ideas you are trying to communicate, not impede them.

latex math homework format

The department provides a LaTeX class file and supporting templates and instructions that you can use to format your homework. By using the class, you can have all the power of LaTeX for typesetting your mathematical expressions and textual answers as well, with none of the hassles that come with Word, and none of the worries that come with writing your solutions by hand!

Typing your math homework has two main advantages over hand written work. First, typeset mathematics is easier to read, for which your professor will thank you. Second, it is easier to edit, correct, and even write mathematics the first time when you are typing, since you can insert or delete content as you go.

Here we will consider two such languages; markdown and LaTeX. Here is the short version: Markdown is easier to get started with, but gives you less control over the structure and format of your document. LaTeX has a steeper learning curve but is the gold standard for writing math or science papers, and you will need to learn the LaTeX commands for math symbols to put them in Markdown anyway.

I hope that you will use the LaTeX typesetting system to write yourhomework solutions for this course. (See theguideto submitting homework.) It might look daunting at first, if you haven't usedLaTeX before, but you won't have to learn LaTeX in depth. You just have tofill in answers to exercises, so you won't need to deal with the complexitiesof writing complete documents. You will mainly need to know how to expressmathematics in LaTeX. Unfortunately, matrices and systems of linear equationsare among the more difficult things to write. Fortunately, you will haveexamples that you can imitate. What follows here is some basic informationto get you oriented.

Markdown is a low-overhead mark-up language invented by John Gruber. There are now many programs for translating documents written in Markdown into documents in HTML, PDF or even Word format (among others). R Markdown is an extension of Markdown to incorporate running code, in R, and including its output in the document. This document look in turn at three aspects of R Markdown: how to include basic formatting; how to include R code and its output; and how to include mathematics.

LaTeX is a free document preparation system which handles the typesetting of mathematical expressions smoothly and elegantly. Its history goes back several decades, and it has become the standard format for the creation and publication of research articles in mathematics and many scientific fields. In my opinion, LaTeX is also a good choice for math teachers.

My main use case for LaTeX is (unsurprisingly) to typeset homeworksfor math and CS classes. In these classes, the questions are eithernumbered or have specific names, and they ask for your name, lecture,recitation section, student ID, email address, etc. It turns out thatthere are some pretty simple ways of modularizing each of these desiredfeatures.

This template is for formatting assignments or homework in a clear and simple way. The title section at the top of the first page clearly displays the assignment, student and class information. This information also appears in the headers and footers of subsequent pages. Questions in the assignment are clearly demarcated and appear inside boxes to focus attention. The template features examples of including images, tables, equations and code listings for covering virtually all common assignment information. Multi-part questions and answers are shown for more complex questions.

Homework formatting: Homework must always be neat and easy to read. Electronic submission of homework is strongly encouraged for all students and usually required of all students who want the opportunity to rewrite their homework. (Hint: You want the opportunity to rewrite your homework.) If you feel that this places an undue burden on you (for example, if you do not own a computer), talk to me and we will arrange an exception or accommodation.

My annotation software (the software I use for grading) can deal with PDF files better than almost any other format. Also, it is generally straightforward to convert other formats to PDF and my grading is much smoother if all homework files are in the same format.

Do not type your homework using Microsoft Word. Here is a guide to typing your math homework using LaTeX and Overleaf: How to type your homework. LaTeX templates for each assignment may be found at Overleaf. Learning to type math with LaTeX is a useful skill beyond this course. Furthermore, typed homework is easier to rewrite, as you can easily copy and paste any sections that do not need rewriting.

Most coarse materials are available in three formats, Postscript, LaTeX,and PDF. Postscript is a printer language created by Adobe.Software for viewing and printing postscript files, mostly under the name"ghostscript" is free for the downloading.LaTeX is a typesetting system used by most mathematicians and physicists.It too is shareware. TheLaTeX files are the source files for the documents. The Acrobat reader,which allows you to view and print PDF format files, is an Adobe productand can be downloadedfree.

April 21: EMERGENCY REQUEST: pleaseemail to goodman@cims.nyu.edua copy of the lecture notes on nonlinear equations (latex format preferred,other formats welcome). They were deleted from this directory somehow.

  • TI-89 For Your PC - You may also want to download the PC version of the TI-89 calculator: TI-89 For Your PC. (Save the file to your computer, unzip it, and run vti.exe to run the TI-89 program on your computer.)-->Math UtilitiesWeBWork - Some of your math courses may use this online homework utility.

  • xFunctions - The xFunctions applet is meant as an educational tool for exploring several topics in calculus and pre-calculus mathematics. It can also be used to have fun playing around with mathematical functions.

  • Spring Motion Applet - This is a differential equations applet that numerically solves the Spring Model differential equation for harmonic motion and animates the solution.

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You may want to use LaTeX to typeset your homework solutions. LaTeX is the standard document preparation system used in the mathematical sciences. Using LaTeX makes it easier for you to revise and edit your solutions and for us to read them, so you will never lose points for illegibility.

LaTeX (typically pronounced lay-TEK or lah-TEK) is the gold standard for mathematical typesetting. If you've ever tried to format an equation in Microsoft Word (or any other WYSIWYG word processor), you know how incredibly painful it is. You might have wondered how math professors maintain their sanity when writing handouts, quizzes, tests, and research papers loaded with symbols. Our secret? We don't touch Microsoft Word for these tasks. LaTeX is a document processing system and markup language that makes creating beautifully formatted documents a breeze. Well, it's a breeze 99% of the time once you've gotten over the learning curve. Many Math 301 classes introduce our majors and minors to LaTeX, but here are some resources in case you didn't get started with LaTeX there or just need a refresher. All the software you'll ever need to make documents in LaTeX is 100% free, which is great news!

Simply put, R Markdown is a file format to help you create dynamic documents, but with R. It uses simple Markdown and embeddable code chunks written in R. It also allows you to use LaTeX to typeset mathematical equations. Overall, R Markdown produces beautiful documents and academic reports.

Word for Android and Word Mobile supports writing and editing math equations. Write your math equations in linear format, for example like a2+b2=c2 and Word will convert it into professional display format a+b=c.

It is now possible, at no extra cost, to embed accessible math equations within Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Google Docs, Mac Office Software (Pages, Key Note), and D2L using MathType add-in. Creating equations using MathType, puts them into the accessible format MathML that can render directly in web browsers. When equations are in MathML they can be read correctly by a screen reader such as Jaws, Read Aloud, and Voice Over. The equations can also then be converted to Nemeth Braille on a Braille Display that is typically connected to the computer via USB or Bluetooth.

Using MathML provides the highest level of accessibility to math within digital documents. MathML equations will, for instance, increase in size as users change font size to increase readability. MathML also allows the synthetic speech user to set different verbosity levels, automatically adjusts for the user's native language, and supports aural navigation through complex math equations for better understanding. For Braille users, MathML supports various Braille math formats, subject to Braille translation software support. -mathml

The RCPD has been using MathML in XML or XHTML documents for several years to make accessible math for our students with disabilities. MathML is a universal format for math that is easily convertible into visible, audible, tactile and machine-readable forms. 350c69d7ab


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