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The Worst Person In The World Subtitles Slovenian

A dramedy about love in our time. About having every opportunity in life, but still feeling like the worst person in the world. The film premiered at the film festival in Cannes, where it participated in the main competition and Renate Reinsve won the best actress award.

The Worst Person in the World subtitles Slovenian

As a college student, realizing the real world comes much sooner than you think, the movie helps with a lot of personal anxiety about the harshness of the world and how you might navigate future situations in your life. Nothing better than a film that can give some valuable life lessons and teaching moments.

Like all pre-teen experiences in this world, the film highlights the drama and innocent romances that comes along with going to a public school. As the film progresses, the audience sees Shizuku deal with the pressures of her close friendships as well as the dedication it takes to want to be a professional writer. Most importantly, we see Shizuku form a bond with Seiji, an aspiring violin maker who also goes to her school. Could Seiji and the mystery-library boy be the same person? Watch to find out. 041b061a72


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