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VTV Show | 1984

V (also known as V: The Series) is an American science fiction television series that aired in the United States on NBC from October 26, 1984, to March 22, 1985. It is a continuation of the V franchise about an alien invasion of Earth by a carnivorous race of reptilians known as "Visitors", which was originally conceived by American writer, producer, and director Kenneth Johnson. Johnson, however, was not involved in the production of the weekly series.

VTV Show | 1984


With Episode 14, a new intro was introduced with Michael Ironside, Lane Smith, Blair Tefkin and Michael Wright removed from the credits along with different theme music and a new monologue describing the premise of the show:

Although the show had been cancelled in March 1985, the sets from the production remained in storage for some time as discussions transpired over rendering a conclusion to the V saga. Among the options explored were a stand-alone TV movie or a final miniseries. Several scenarios were discussed:

In 1989, there was a proposed sequel series by J. Michael Straczynski entitled "V: The Next Chapter" that would have followed up five years after the conclusion of the original show. Ham Tyler would have been the only character to have returned and would have taken place in Chicago. The rest of the remaining cast had been temporarily or permanently written off, with Mike Donovan captured, Willie executed, Lydia assassinated, Julie living in exile in Australia, Diana reassigned, and Elizabeth having died.[4] Warner Brothers ultimately passed on the project.

In the Nielsen ratings, V's initial episode made its debut at a mediocre 34th place, tied with three other shows.[5] By episode 13, it had slipped to 53rd place.[6] For the season, V finished ranked 57th with a 12.5 rating/18 share.[7][2]

Whether you're a master crafter or just beginning your journey into the world of arts and crafts we are proud to showcase the best craft products on TV from some of the leading brands in the industry including:

Read MoreAbout This ShowCity Works is a show that highlights the vast array of workers across New York City. Produced in collaboration with the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies, the show spotlights the occupations and projects of the working people of our city.

The Watch Now pane in the Apple TV app is the place to start watching movies, TV shows, and Friday Night Baseball (not all content is available in all countries or regions). In Watch Now, you can also find Major League Soccer matches when you subscribe to MLS Season Pass. Find what you want to watch, add it to your Up Next list, then start watching.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple TV and are signed in with the same Apple ID you use for the Mac, your viewing progress and episode selection stay in sync in the Apple TV app on those devices. For example, you can start watching a show on your Mac and finish watching it on your iPad, or vice versa.

Last year, the format of Year-End Gala was changed by the organizer, Vietnam Television Film Center (VFC), after 16 years of producing Táo Quân but this transformation drew controversy among audiences about its impressiveness and failure to deliver many accomplishments and problems. Thus, when the show is announced to return with the unchanged popular actors and actresses, audiences throughout the country have massively spread their excitement and expectation towards the Lunar New Year Eve night, when the show is broadcasted.

Due to the unexpected development of the Covid-19 in Vietnam, the last part of Táo Quân was recorded without the audience to prevent the feasible infection of the virus. However, the show is still broadcasted on February 11th evening (Lunar New Year Eve) with propitiously full of hilarious and meaningful messages.

If you like dramedies and shows about offbeat little communities, definitely check out 2000 Acres of Sky. Starring Michelle Collins (EastEnders) and Paul Kaye (After Life), it follows a couple of young Londoners who pretend to be married so they can relocate to a Scottish island in need of a young family to keep the local school open.

Sadly, Freevee only has the first of three seasons. Though we're not sure how to request shows at Freevee, you can certainly inquire with some of the other streaming services (instructions/details HERE).

Though it's often billed as a young adult show/book series, don't let that fool you. If you enjoy things like James Bond and Slow Horses, there's a pretty good chance you'll also enjoy this one. It's clean enough to be appropriate for younger audiences, but but so simplistic or kid-ish that adults couldn't also enjoy it.

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