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Buy Refurbished Projector

Buying a refurbished projector can be a great way to save money on a projector purchase. There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a refurbished projector which will make the experience more productive and enjoyable. Whether the projector is being purchased for installation in a home theater or for the purpose of conducting overhead presentations in a classroom, it is important to select the best product for the application.

buy refurbished projector

The first thing to consider is the type of projector needed. Projectors can work in a number of different ways; SVGA projectors are cheaper, but only suitable for small to medium projection, while XVGA projectors have a crisper image quality, and they can be used for big projections. The brightness of the projector is also an issue to think about; the more lumens a projector has, the more costly it becomes, and it may be possible to use a low lumen projector in many environments. It is also important to think about how the projector will receive data to project: from film, a laptop, a portable hard drive, or another device, for example.

For people who are not very experienced at projector shopping, it may help to ask an expert for recommendations of specific models, and for more general specifications recommendations. These can be used to select a range of models which would be suitable, to generate a shopping list which can be used when looking for a refurbished projector.

It's a good idea to scope out prices on new, used, and refurbished projectors to get an idea of the range to expect. If a refurbished projector is not much less expensive than a new projector, it might be better to just buy new. Likewise, if a company offers a refurbished projector at an unusually high price, knowledge of average projector pricing can help a consumer avoid a bad deal.

Some refurbished or reconditioned projectors are reconditioned at the factory, using factory-specific parts. These projectors tend to be the best buy, because they are usually backed by a good warranty, and the quality standards at the factory are high. Refurbished projectors from outlets and private sellers may have been refurbished with non-factory parts, and they may lack warranties and other protections.

Something else to think about is the ease of maintenance. If a model has been discontinued, it may be hard to get replacement lamps and other parts as needed, which can turn a refurbished projector into a costly doorstop the first time it needs routine maintenance.

The ideal refurbished projector will be factory reconditioned, with a supportive warranty and parts which are readily available. The price should fall into line with the prices obtained during the pricing research stage of the shopping project, and if the projector is being shipped, it should include a free return policy in case it is damaged or it does not perform as expected.

With so many different projector options available on the market, it is easy to get confused when deciding on which one to buy, especially with projectors ranging in price, from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

But then the next question is which is better, an old higher-end projector or a new low-end projector? What features do you need to look at? Should you even buy a used projector? Are refurbished projectors worth it?

In situations where you are looking for a projector for a single use event a used projector could be a good option as well. If you elect to go with a used projector see if you can get an in-person demonstration to give you a chance to see if it works as advertised.

Old higher-end projectors have their warranty either partly or wholly exhausted during the period that they have already been in use. This may leave you exposed to losses should any damage occur. On the other hand, new low-end projectors have an edge in that they are still brand new, and therefore, their warranty is fully intact. This helps boost your confidence that should the projector experience any malfunction during this warranty period, the manufacturer is bound to replace it.

High-end projectors are brighter, which makes them usable in any room, whether dark or light. With a new low-end projector, you may find yourself struggling to view the images displayed on your screen, especially in rooms that allow in a lot of light.

Some of the low-end projectors in the market are more affordable because they provide limited connectivity options. Some are equipped with only USB and VGA ports to connect to a computer or TV. Most high-end projectors offer multiple connectivity options, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and HDMI inputs. For more flexibility, the high-end projectors are also compatible with various video and audio formats.

The lifespan of a projector is based on how long its bulb or lamp can last before it needs to be replaced. Most projectors have a life expectancy of about 2,000 hours lamp life. However, some can last considerably longer, up to 20,000 hours of lamp life. The lifespan of your projector can always be extended by proper and regular maintenance over time.

There are three main types of projectors, namely the light-emitting diode (LED), the liquid crystal display (LCD), and the digital light processing projector (DLP). Each of these projectors has a different life expectancy.

Since projector lamps operate at high temperatures, proper ventilation is needed to help achieve a longer lamp life. Therefore, it is vital to ensure a free flow of air and enough space around your projector.

It would help if you allowed your projector to cool off at least 10 minutes after it is powered down. During such times, avoid moving the device around because the lamp is still hot and susceptible to damage.

Christie-certified technicians rigorously inspect refurbished products to ensure quality. Many products are actually introduced back into the product production line for final reassembly, meaning there's very little difference between Christie-certified refurbished and new projectors. If technicians find that any systems and components are below standard, we replace them with new. And then sweeten the deal with warranty + great savings. Select from our range of:

One of the best, if not the best place to buy an Epson refurbished projector is eBay. Epson sells the same projectors that they have on their store through eBay but here you get 30 day free returns as well as the other benefits of shopping through eBay.

If you find what you believe is an issue but are unsure if it is the projector or your attached equipment, the first troubleshooting step is to see if it shows on the projector menus and/or test patterns. If you are still unsure, a great place to ask questions is AVSForum.

Our Refurbished Kodak Carousel Projectors have all been refurbished by Factory Trained, Kodak Authorized Service Technician Curt Fargo whom has over 40 years experience. They are backed by a full1-year warranty.

All projectors come with a Power Cord, Remote Cord, Lens and Lamp. Slide trays are sold separately and we only recommend using the 80 slide trays (not the 140s). We also include an extra,brand new projection lamp.

We offer our projectors with a standard lens or zoom lens. In most cases the standard lens will work for most people. The zoom lens will allow you to make the image smaller. If you have a deeproom and need to place the projector in the back of the room projecting onto a screen in front of the room, you might want to consider a zoom lens.

Refurbished projectors are manufacturer-certified products that have been returned to the manufacturer and reconditioned to new or like new condition. Except where specifically noted, these projectors retain the full manufacturer warranty and have been tested to perform just as well as a brand new projector. If you have any questions about our refurbished projectors, give us a call at 1-888-248-0675!

By selecting one product in the list of lamps below, you will be able to get prices for lamps from our trusted suppliers, distributors, resellers, wholesalers and dealers who have new, used or refurbished lamps in stock. If you are a qualified reseller, dealer or Industry professional, you are invited to join Powersource Online's Network to sell your lamps.

The VPL-PHZ50 features HDBaseT, VGA, composite video, and two HDMI inputs for connecting to nearly any source, as well as an analog audio output for passing sound from the projector to your sound system of choice. The projector is controllable via HDBaseT, RS-232, or the included remote control.

Better, Brighter Pictures for LongerNow smarter than ever, Intelligent Settings technology fine-tunes picture parameters for beautiful images and consistently dependable performance in any environment, from teaching spaces to public venues. Through an optimization algorithm, laser output and cooling are automatically adjusted according to the frequency of use, prolonging the working life of the projector.

More Flexibility for Fuss-Free installationEnjoy flexible installation options with a generous +55% vertical lens shift range, making it easy to achieve perfectly proportioned pictures without long pole mounts or keystone correction when the projector is ceiling mounted. The wide throw ratio range simplifies replacement of a previously installed projector without the hassle of re-positioning an existing ceiling mount.

From projectors to projection screens, digital signage to gaming equipment, PSSAV is Your number one source for audio visual equipment. over 200 top brands including Sony, Nec, Epson, Optoma, Benq, Chief, Dalite, Viewsonic, LG and more..

Sony's VPL-HW45ES home theater projector was already a great value. Now you can pocket some big savings while retaining Sony's full 3-year factory warranty. One of this newbie-friendly projector's best features is that it produces a crisp, bright, natural-looking picture straight out of the box.

Several years ago, when I moved up to a projector in my home theater, the model I chose was a Sony that's very similar to the VPL-HW45ES. I still have it and use it for all my movie and concert viewing. It's one of the best A/V equipment purchases I've ever made. 041b061a72


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